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- almost without leaving any chance to upset
- in preparation for an important game
- he has recently launched its own official
- some go to milanello watching over more
- red after the first eight games of the season

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 almost without leaving any chance to upset Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Berlusconi who cannot travel to Siena at home there with the team going through the last game of the season. Allegri said: "yesterday I received a phone call from Mr President, he really wanted to watch the final round of matches, but due to personal reasons prevented it. However, the team still sees this as an incentive, especially at this critical juncture. "The Turin sports newspaper said:" Kucka new name certainly does not count as AC Milan transfer market. "But this is not new and has been named Galliani at the dinner table talking about has once again caused the Italy media attention, the Turin sports newspaper, said:" after Polly finalized, midfielder bought Kucka nor is not going to happen again. new balance 998 mens  "The market says:" would it have even purchased two people? After Polly, AC Milan have Kutcher is locked eyes flash card. "Slovakia midfielder Kucka acquisitions, and cleaning of AC Milan this summer, has a lot to do. Talked about several potential of the market has dropped from dangerous players, and spoke of their situation. Christian Abbiati is the only 100% will leave the player, while Captain Massimo Ambrosini spoke from only half of the possibility to stay, his agent has confirmed that there are teams interested in him, including West Ham United of the English Premier League, but he said considering overseas before we could prepare quotation, will give priority to selecting Italy team.

From Ambrosini, another midfield player Mathieu Flamini is pending, he last year asked to renew for 2 years, but eventually received a 1-year contract, but contract talks will be open next week for the first time. Acquisition of Kutcher, will fill in for Ambrosini or Mathieu Flamini's location. Other leave includes boyang [Twitter], Daniele bonera and Mario Yepes, basic can determine will definitely go before, and Mario Yepes now also need to observe. The markets that his contract is difficult, however, because Zapata and new signing of teenager Bergara was Colombia people, Mario Yepes could stay guide Bergara to better integrate into the team. Zapata is certain to leave, and this has been confirmed by Galliani. According to the information of the market, Zapata was initially set by the buyout cost was EUR 7 million, but AC Milan is likely to only need to offer 5 million can be hammered out. Was determined to leave main mexes ' this season was suddenly a France emerging giants Monaco's temptations. The market-wide, says about mexes ' Monaco, Falcao almost finalized later in acquiring the France International. At the same time, Monaco has offered a big contract, they send out mexes ' 5-year 4 million annual salary is about, which is already 31 years old French is indeed very attractive. Before going to bed,cheap new balance 999  Balotelli told friends Sue Goodnight, and then said: "come and see my new hair style. "But maybe social media is not very skilled, Balotelli that Twitter does not bear a picture, then he himself sent a picture.

Balotelli toilet camera in the home, from photos, Mo Xigan he cut yellow hair, into a common position. AC Milan [Twitter] known hairstyles this season Balotelli, Niang and Chaaraoui have also been seen as a combination of washing and shearing blows, but Mario Balotelli seems to have led to the new trend. Siena is very bad, the League five-game losing streak. Last round in the lead case, injury time fortresses ceded, Naples reversal, also thoroughly establish the dejection of relegation. From the second year of grade b promoted, Siena did not go further, eventually falls into an abyss. 37 rounds of League matches, losing Games has reached 19 games, scoring less than a, goals against had reached 55, Siena, demoted in reason. AC Milan and Fiorentina, who won the Champions League qualification places, is the largest in Euroleague final round highlights. See from the situation, AC Milan now Florence two point lead, advantage is more obvious, the round face want no more fish belly, AC Milan will not give Viola almost any opportunity if this round of Milan tie, Viola win, so Fiorentina will rely on both sides win, edging out AC Milan in Champions League competition, says AC Milan not to lose this game. Rome and Milan last round strong dialogue, and inns Mentari early red card, Milan failed to get all three points, the suspense until the final round.

Europe lost, almost without leaving any chance to upset the home team. BT lost about 15 per cent and pay steady at 7, and AC Milan to win the odds only 1.16, in the eyes of bookmakers, Milan win. Asia pan, Milan let a two-goal start low water, concessions are very large, you know, at home against Siena in the first round of the season, AC Milan could only let the ball in half, from the side point is clearly unreasonable. However, since the first two rounds Milan road to Pescara two/two and a half ball, under changes in the status and situation, two seems reasonable. Subsequent Milan go to high water, deep dish deep, stopping on the strong probability, keep an eye on Milan final victory are. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport said the message, Berlusconi was in an interview with a reporter revealed in Porto Alegre, where, he was with a joke and says: "Porto Alegre? He'll go to Rome, the official news will be announced after the game against Siena. "According to the audience that Berlusconi spoke with a joke, but the Gazzetta dello Sport said this is a bombshell, because this looks like a joke hiding behind is most likely true.

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 in preparation for an important game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the United Kingdom, cars and women are commonly associated with the two and Mario Balotelli's news, he said: "in love with a woman, I think it is a normal thing. Car? I like sports cars, and I love sports cars and there are no problems. Some of the things that happen in my life, in which some stories, unfortunately, so they just became the newspaper's content. However, I do not believe that this could make people think I'm a bad guy or I'm a lunatic, I was a very normal, ordinary people. "" I understand that soccer is indeed very important, new balance 595 mens  and everyone is watching, so I will have to take pictures after the famous must also be signed, especially children. "Balotelli said," of course, if you're the best in the world, then there are people like you, there are some people who don't like you. What's really important is to let people know what I am, know what Mario is. The people who don't know me, they read the papers or watch TV, there will be many views on TV, so I won't be able to show everyone what I was like. "Battle of Serie a will be ending this season, AC Milan [Twitter] will be in the final round of challenges to already relegated Siena away from home, despite the weaker opponents, but still fail to ensure that seats in the Champions League next season for the rossoneri, the game still can not relax.

Pre-race press conference, when addressing tomorrow's game AC Milan boss Allegri said: "now that we have access to the most important stages of the end of the season, as of now I am satisfied with the team's performance throughout the season. Tomorrow, the objective of the game is very simple, we want to secure the League's third-ranking to get a ticket to the Champions League. AC Milan players need to maintain enough patience on the pitch, while continuing to put pressure on each other. Siena played in the game against Napoli is very good, but tomorrow, we must not downgrade them as early team and went to play, winning is our only goal. "Handsome revealed tomorrow first-message:" Riccardo Montolivo has recovered well, he'd probably play, his midfield partner, I will integrate Ambrosini, Mathieu Flamini and Nocerino pick two of three people. On the offensive line could be Robinho [Twitter] or held by Pazzini Center, where Mario Balotelli is likely to adjust. "Handsome continued preparing for this week:" the lads did very well for a week, and made full preparations for this game. To tell you the truth, I think we deserve to enter the Champions League next season, our fans, too, around they are firmly standing on the team all season, and they were the best.

AC Milan now very healthy internal environment, is a far cry from when this early in the season, in the first 8 rounds after the match, the players have matured a lot, I give thanks for them this season. "In training this week outgoing Adelman and Robinho in the event of conflict, which Adelman explained:" the training of this kind of thing is not the first time, I thought it was normal, in preparation for an important game on the training ground when tension is correct, discount new balance 996 anyway, I don't think this is a big deal. "Just this week, team President Silvio Berlusconi's words triggered a sensation and is always said in a tongue-in-cheek tone:" Porto Alegre, will go to Rome, official sources will be released after the game against Siena. "On being asked how was the President when Porto Alegre and not answered:" right now, we only consider Siena, now talked about the future for tomorrow's game, a bit of use at all. The future? I haven't decided anything, tomorrow I will talk to the club after the game. I have a close relationship with, we often telephone exchanges. But Galliani I meet him every day, we talk about the Club's a lot of things together. On the player or coach of the future, is normal to rumors coming out at the end of the season, I can tell you is that I have between now and the Club failed to identify any agreement.

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 he has recently launched its own official Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Grade a level meetings into three main areas. Participants in the meeting said, Milan's Adriano Galliani and organization Minister Gandini, Prudhoe, and viola Kutcher and sports Manager, had a 2-on-2 words, unprecedented atmosphere tense. Finally Florence representative even threatened Galliani: "don't worry, we won't let you comfortably, you will be suffering until the last minute.
Galliani that night while attending football awards show the gentleman ordered: "Okay, so far, the more absurd. new balance 574 women  From this moment on, we really focused on the game and the third. "The League last week, Florence 12:30, Milan 20:45 at night, Fiorentina was unhappy with the protest time schedules in favour of Milan. On Sunday, two games at 20:45, two relegated teams ahead of the two teams--the Siena and Pescara. Florence collective feast, all kinds of provocation, Milan silence of inaction. Training Tuesday Wednesday, Porto Alegre, called talk of the team, asked rewound. Adriano Galliani expressed Monday night war Rome, failed to advance three of regret, but tone is easy: "Inns Mentari's red card, we didn't get a chance to win. Into the locker room, so I did not speak, the players immediately slipped me a sedative, so I yelled. I was in good health, LEO's in the hospital, I did not, I can still hold up.

On Sunday night Paris Saint-Germain [Twitter] win win ahead of Lyon, Ibrahin drug test after the game for a long time (more than 20 minutes), no companionship, absent from the team to celebrate publicly rebuked LEO Club personnel, "you always have this virtue is not doing good", two people arguing. LEO after feeling sick in the hospital, and returned to Paris to undergo detailed examination. Galliani jokes, I wonder if LEO is good or irony. "This is since I worked in Milan, said Berlusconi during the hardest year. "Galliani poses difficulties in order to praise the accomplishments," is born in Milan this year, Mr Berlusconi's second birth in Milan. His symptoms and the third is the limit this season. Three years working with Allegri is compact for three years, the story of lot, plot twists and turns, and I believe him, even if they do poorly, I never wavered. We haven't arranged a meeting between, not between him and President. "This in response to media rumours Milan captures third occasion is Porto Alegre, new balance 577 womens and senior official meetings, finalizing the renewal of cooperation of nodes, on Monday met with abortion, could push up until next Monday. Galliani claims no such thing, don't want public opinion to focus upon Allegri. "A call from the President, does extend someone's professional life, but now is not the time to say this. Teams also need a right winger, Boateng and we feel that he's attacking midfielder or three midfield flank play better. Chaaraoui is now studying his opponents, though, he runs interspersed with routine is no surprise at all, he needs to get out of play.

"The Vice President thought jumping dimensions, topic involves a lot of ground, a time don't know where is the center of gravity. But the introduction or say, and Porto Alegre design overlap, Allegri has proposed, if they remain in Office also maintains 433 formation, introduction of Turin or, Italy new internationals Alessio Cerci filled three strikers the NDP. Mario Balotelli joined AC Milan [Twitter] afterwards, OTC news is less, but he has recently launched its own official Twitter, he also accepted an interview with CNN, said he was glad to be out of England [Twitter], also said he was a very ordinary man, like women and fast cars. "I'm very happy indeed, family and friends are here with me, you can find a private place to kick back, these are better than United Kingdom time, then I feel very lonely. "After returning Milan, Mario Balotelli has scored 12 goals in 11 games, he again spoke of the United Kingdom on the media news," in the past when I was in England, the newspaper said those things, is rarely true, many of the reporters fabricated. "Balotelli said:" However, if you used this approach to make an Idol, so when everyone thought you were such a time, then it would appear to be true. So this is what a lot of people think I'm crazy and causes of always doing some crazy things.

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 some go to milanello watching over more Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After the start of the season, on the future of Christian Abbiati has been inconclusive, although his performance was excellent, but Galliani has been looking for a new goalkeeper to candidates from Pescara teenager Sarah Palin to Lazio keeper Marchetti, the former Inter Milan [Twitter] Cesar to Newcastle Tim Krul, all Italy goalkeeper on red and black on the future of the media objectives. The Europa League final, Adriano Galliani appeared in Amsterdam, he watched Chelsea [Twitter] [Twitter] victory over Benfica game. Sky Sports in the Netherlands grabbed him, but Galliani is not willing to say any more, simply said: "now there are no talks, on Monday (the end of the season), we're not going to talk about the transfer market. "In fact Galliani to say those words, because the reporter's question about Real Madrid [Twitter], and he said there are no talks. Local time yesterday, new balance 1500 cheap  AC Milan [Twitter] message to buy real Madrid players became Italy most popular news in the media. Originated in yesterday morning's Corriere dello Sport newspaper, revealed on the front page of the newspaper the day AC Milan to Real Madrid acquisition requirements and want to introduce dimaliya and modric from the Bernabeu Stadium, Pepe and Diego-Lopez for four people.

At the same time, the Corriere dello Sport also revealed that Galliani visiting the Netherlands, not just because he wanted to go to Amsterdam to see the Europa League final, because either Benfica or Chelsea's attraction to him is not large, he went to the Netherlands is the main purpose of meeting with Real Madrid President Florentino. The news has been confirmed by the Turin sports newspaper, they said they held talks. The Turin sports newspaper said the four players from Real Madrid, Galliani wants is Angel dimaliya, because he said AC Milan just two days ago a Trident right openings, and Argentina just right to fill the position. For AC Milan, however, these four Real Madrid players worth is perhaps the biggest obstacle. Luka modric joining Real Madrid, worth 33 million euros has been reached, dimaliya valued at about 25 million euros, and referred to the market a week ago AC Milan interested in offered 7 million acquisition in Lopez, Pepe is worth about 30 million euros. In other words, AC Milan if he really wants to buy real Madrid four stars, 95 million euros.

Between AC Milan and Real Madrid, Kaka has become a fixed topic for each transfer window, Kaka has once again came before the end of the season return to Italy the possibility. new balance 501 on sale The market quoted the daily sports news said that effectiveness Kaka hopes to return to AC Milan, he joined red and black army is ready to reduce the pay back. Of course, the market that, Kaka is still waiting for the Real Madrid's position change, if Ancelotti really went to the Bernabeu, then Chuck's fortunes will be different, after all it is Ancelotti will Kaka into the star. As the final round of the Serie a, Champions League competition more and more approaching worth 30 million euros, the Gazzetta dello Sport said AC Milan [Twitter] training the atmosphere was tense. But just yesterday, Porto Alegre, and Robinho [Twitter] in training came into conflict, and the latter out of the stadium. In yesterday's training, some go to milanello watching over more than 100 fans. But at the center of gaze, Allegri's complaints about the performance of Robinho, the two men then had a heated argument, and tell one another heavy tone words viewed trained fans to hear. Subsequently, Porto Alegre, Robinho directly "out of the" training ground, which directly back to the lounge, trains will operate as normal. It is understood that the Porto Alegre, does not want to appear before the final death match between teams of internal harmony, so this thing will fade. After Robinho has also tried to use their Twitter calm things, he said: "these things are not unusual, we are men, ran into problems in the training was normal, but now everything is okay.

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 red after the first eight games of the season Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the last 2 seasons, AC Milan under the background of substantial pay cuts, mexes ' 4 million euro annual salary somewhat garish, Robinho and he [Twitter] became the Club's highest-paid player, became the focus of media attention, especially two-person performance is not as good as previously. However, mexes ' hefty has never stopped, just two days before the market said: "just up the law of Monaco are interested in mexes ' and be able to offer 4 million annual salary quotes, and contracts for a period of 5 years. "After all the difficult cheap new balance 3090  , AC Milan [Twitter] finally lock the target set by Galliani at the beginning of the season--breaking into the Champions League, and followed the Allegri findings of his position. After the game, Allegri said everything was decided by the AC Milan Club. "I have a contract, so at the end of the season, I'll talk to the Club, so as to know what we can do, maybe Club wanted to replace me, and I do not know. "Allegri said to Sky Sports," of course, I couldn't just walk away, because I have a contract, so everything is AC Milan's decision. When coaches and Club meetings, generally because he wanted to enhance his team's lineup, but it is too early to talk about the future, season has just ended, we should enjoy the exhilaration of victory.

Allegri said: "now, I want to talk about the game and everything that happened tonight, but because the team in the latter half of the League got 42 points. After a difficult season in, we had an incredible recovery, so tired is very normal. Today's game, we stand on the other side of a great goalkeeper, but also set a frame, but the players on the pitch is too rash and too nervous. "" I would like to thank the players fans, they deserve this victory of the night. Chaaraoui opening a substitute, because he was in bad shape, and the team need Robinho [microblogging] this type of player. "In the Chaaraoui after the appearance, he also has a nice play, header narrowly missed breaking, Allegri also talks about Balotelli's penalty, which was a God to join the 6th after penalty kicks to break, and the penalty was that some far-fetched, Allegri said:" during the year, there will always be some penalty kicks seems to be questionable. The night before the game, two points ahead of us, so we believe the opportunity to hold in our hands, so we went to the victory.

Before the weekend,cheap new balance 1600  Berlusconi said Allegri signed in Rome, he also canceled a scheduled tour of milanello on Saturday, for which Allegri said: "he called me yesterday morning, was originally going to the training ground to see the team, but because of some private reasons not to. In the past three years, Berlusconi has given me a lot of confidence, but fired after the first eight games of the season, I'd be more easier. We bring in a lot of young players, and enhance the ability of the lineup, so AC Milan are now very strong. In the 3 years that I coached AC Milan, we won a lot of points, we have accomplished his goal. "Exterminating hero mexes ' says:" achieved third place so glad, this season was very difficult for everybody. "Galliani said mexes ' being replaced early after the game, there would be no opportunities for exterminating" when I saw mexes ' goal, and I'm crazy. Allegri had decided to change out mexes ' and replaced Constandt, Abate was hurt, so he changed out of his. That's the beauty of football. "Galliani received Mediaset in the post-match interview, talked about his feelings, and in the contest for the period on the future of Porto Alegre, and then he dropped a renewal of Christian Abbiati news," Abbiati has renewed its contract with us. "According to the final round last season to AC Milan after over 30 years of policy players, this contract for a period of 1 year.

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